Food industry

Less obviously visible but very important for the quality of the finished product are our refrigerated and fresh-frozen flavourings.

Essentially we manufacture a range of products and ingredients for the food industry such as droplets, rosettes, rounds and sticks manufactured using butter, cream cheese or plant-based alternatives.

These flavour sensations are available in different forms, sizes and weights. But what are the ingredients? Butter and/or vegetable oils and fats mixed with a variety of herbs, spices and flavours. We supply these flavourings to leading manufacturers of refrigerated and frozen ready meals, for example in the form of herb butter rosettes served with steak. As soon as the consumer heats up the meal, the delicious and unmistakable flavour of salt, pepper and herbs spreads through the vegetables, potatoes and pasta. These meals are particularly popular in Germany, England, Italy and France, among others.

As well as these flavourings, we also produce a variety of sauces and other products based on cream cheese. To talk about the options on offer and to discuss your wishes for a tailor-made product, please get in touch with us.

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