About us

JKB Foods are specialists in herb butter, white cheese and olive products and meal flavourings. For more than 45 years, we have been supplying these products to supermarket chains, wholesalers and the food industry. Our best-known labels include Jacques’ Herb butter, Beurre Trèfle and Solataki. Our herb butter recipes are also used in dozens of private label products. Founded in Den Helder by a cheese specialist, we have grown into a business with a team of thirty permanent staff. Thanks to our extensive network, the best production methods and our experience, our familiar product packaging can be found not only in the Netherlands but across the whole of Europe.

Numerous restaurants and catering companies serve our products to their guests. Renowned European food manufacturers are also pleased to call upon our expertise. We supply them with both advice and ingredients for flavoursome consumer products such as our Jacques’ Herb butter frozen butter rosette, a delicious flavour booster for steaming, stir-frying, roasting and as a stuffing for meat and fish.

The constant innovation and product development work undertaken at JKB Foods enables us to offer a wide range of products. We can supply wide varieties in terms of weight, taste and packaging, including private label production options. For more information, please get in touch with us.



Den Helder-based JKB foods is a company that makes herb butter specialities, white cheese and olive products and seasonings for meals. It employs around 30 permanent staff, who can count on the support of experienced temporary workers at peak times. JKB originally stood for Jacques' Herb Butter. The seasonings are developed in close cooperation with the customer. The expertise built up over decades by Jacques' Herb Butter and the client's wishes ultimately come together in the tastiest chilled or frozen meal products. Through reliable channels, they find their way to the refrigerators and kitchens of families throughout Europe.

The founder

In the 1960s, the founder of Jacques' Herb Butter was a cheese connoisseur and entrepreneur who ran a number of cheese shops in the north of the Netherlands. In his shop, he received many requests from customers for herb butter. The customer-friendly entrepreneur then immediately set to work with the best butter and the finest spices. This leads to a recipe that customers walk away with. Besides being a cheese entrepreneur, he is also a pioneering herb butter specialist; the first herb butter entrepreneur in the Netherlands with a fantastic recipe from his own kitchen.

Golden herb butter recipe

His artisan-made herb butter is so popular that other cheese makers are also eager to take his herb butter. The success leads to the pioneer opting for herb butter. Contracts with supermarkets and other quality retailers follow shortly afterwards. Catering wholesalers also discovered the success of the spicy, flavourful butter with salt, pepper, garlic and herbs.

The 1970s are the heyday for Jacques' Herb Butter and his second herb butter brand Beurre Trèfle. Competitors also discover the market in the late 1990s. Thereupon, the management decides to produce Mediterranean specialities with white cheese, olive products and Mediterranean herbs. They carry the brand names Solotaki and Solomar.

When the Mediterranean adventure begins, Jacques' Herb Butter is already one of the main suppliers of small rosettes of herb butter. These are the little cups of herb butter you find in butchers' shops and supermarkets with lots of meat products.

About us

Herb butter specialties

In 2004, Jacques' Herb Butter further expands this activity with loosely packed frozen herb butter rosettes and herb butter in other forms. More and more bread and meal makers decide to improve the taste of their products or presentation by adding our herb butter specialities. Today, Jacques' Herb Butter is a company with clients throughout Europe, the best production methods and a reliable logistics network. But the artisanal thinking of the 1960s is still highly valued.

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